Posted by: ibmadmin | October 21, 2011

Date Time Format in Mirosoft Project 2003

The Microsoft Project is the one of the easiest way to track any middleware projects and task. But when we try to add the task in the Microsoft Project, most of the people see some issue in date time format. Here are the steps to render the correct date time format in the Microsoft Project 2003.

Assume we need the date and time in our Start and Finish column to track the tasks. Most of the cases, we will see the only date in the “Start” and “Finish” column in the MS Project 2003.

1. To view the date and time, go to the “Tools ->  Options ” menu.

2. In the Option put out, select the “View” tab.

3. You can see “Default  View” and “Date format” drop down item in it.

4. Select the “Date format” drop down item with you preferred Date Time format.

e.g Mon 10/28/2002 12.33PM    (See date as Day MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM)

or Jan 28  (With our time and year format) etc
Microsoft Project 2033 Date Time Format change Image

Now you are done. In your “Start” and “Finish” column in the MS Project, you will see the date and time with your desired format. If you see “#####” then just extent the column width of the date field (similar to Microsoft Excel). Then you can see the date and time value clearly.

To know about Microsoft project details, visit the following link.


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